Jug Hill Cider and Perry Orchard

Jug Hill Orchard is a small private heirloom and cider orchard dedicated to the preservation of historical and wild apples, as well as pear cultivars, for their use in natural live cider and perry.

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About us

Nestled between the New Hampshire Lakes Region and the Maine border, on an 1830’s Farmstead,  we at Jug Hill we are dedicated to growing heirloom, wild, rare, cider, and Perry varieties. We take a organic approach to farming and currently do not use any chemical sprays. We are dedicated to bringing back the “cider orchard” to the New England landscape, a common sight until prohibition.

Cider to us is a table wine, and a live food, not the cloyingly sweet “apple wine coolers” sold as cider and marketed as an alternative to beer.  For centuries cider was made in New England on Farms every fall and winter and used as not only an alternative to water, but as a social drink.  This is a tradition we have committed to continue.

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